Sunshine Online 100+ Students

$895.00 $626.00

Terms and conditions: 30% off special starts 16th July 2018 and ends 30 September 2018. Discounts only apply to new single subscriptions and do not apply to existing Bundle Subscription prices or subscription renewals. Offer is only available to Australian schools. Prices are for 12-month subscription and include GST

ISBN: 978-0-908342-87-7


  • Over 650 e-books (Levels 1-30+)
  • Over 1000 interactive activities focussing on phonics and words, comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, grammar, fluency and writing
  • 100+ students, 12 month subscription
  • For use on iPads, computers, interactive Whiteboards, Apple TV’s, Chromecast
  • FREE iPad app (available from the app store) for Learning Space 1,2 & 3

Note: Requires Adobe Flash Player for computers and laptops