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Discover the Sunshine Online Difference!

How is Sunshine Online different to other online reading programs?

Sunshine Online, a teaching and learning resource.

Our program offers teachers over 650 carefully levelled e-books for whole class teaching using an interactive whiteboard – perfect for shared reading in literacy and for tuning into maths concepts in the numeracy block. It is also designed for small group teaching and individualised learning using classroom computers.
The program’s flexibility allows it to be used in all parts of your literacy and numeracy program.

The Staffroom area

There is a Staffroom section where teachers can access all the teacher support materials. These include Teachers’ Notes and Activities for most titles. There are also Skills Charts for each Learning Space detailing the literacy and maths skills covered for each title.

Sunshine Online for Parents!

Give Your Child a Head Start in Reading and Maths with a parent subscription.

Every parent wants their child to do well at school and to develop a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy. Success in reading and maths is essential for your child’s ongoing achievement and confidence.


The best digital literacy program

Join the many thousands of Australian teachers and students.

Join the many thousands of Australian teachers and students who have already discovered Sunshine Online and are using it every day in both their literacy and numeracy programs.


Affordable Online learning

Australia’s best digital literacy program at a price that you can afford!

From as little as $4.50 per child per year (based on the 1-100 subscription), Sunshine Online offers schools the very best in animated and interactive digital content for literacy and early numeracy. The content supports the National Curriculum and effectively combines print with multimodal texts.


Sunshine Online is only available to schools and families in Australia