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I thought it was wonderful! As a prep teacher it enabled our students to complete independent activities. I liked that not only was the activity independent, but that the activities connected to the book.

Rebecca, Columba Catholic College, QLD

My students love it.

Rebecca, St Patrick’s School, Lithgow NSW

The children thoroughly enjoyed using Sunshine Classics. I found that most of the books listed could be linked with the Australian Curriculum. The reading material was engaging.

Linda, St Mary’s Primary School, Melbourne VIC

The program was great. We used it as a whole class guided reading session prior to reading group. The students really enjoyed reading the books together on the IWB. There was so much variety we could choose books that linked into what we had been learning about or discussing.

Kathryn, Manning Valley Anglican College, NSW

The children have enjoyed the stories. There is a good array of stories presented with some good activities for children to do.

Karen, Murrayville Community College, VIC

User-friendly, engaging for children, liked the levelling to differentiate. Children were really engaged with the books and activities and were able to negotiate the activities independently.

Dianne, Birkdale South State School, QLD

I like the way that the students can choose their own books and the follow-up activities mean that they can really apply their knowledge and comprehension skills.

Claire, Skipton Primary School, VIC

Amazing and fantastic, loved it and so did the children.

Fay, Hilliard State School, QLD

The students responded well to the books as a whole class reading activity. They were familiar with a number of the titles as we use them as take-home books. As a result this stimulated excellent discussion, sharing of ideas and extending their oral vocabulary.

Dianne, St Brigid’s School, Ballan VIC

Absolutely fantastic. I like the program because the texts are great, the levels are appropriate and the activities after each book are age/skill appropriate. Children enjoy the fact that they can listen to their own recording and they can choose the book they would like to read which means they are more engaged.

Mathew, Victoria International School of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

I think the recording of the children reading the stories is a great feature as are the activities related to the stories.

Mary, Norman Park State School, QLD

Great opportunity for independent continued reading and response.

Kristy, Chilwell Primary School

The books were engaging and the activities were meaningful. Students loved the stories and wanted to keep reading more! Win-win!

Gemma, Katamatite Primary School, VIC

It is great that it can be used on an iPad as well as classroom computers.

Penny, Mirboo North Primary School, VIC

Class teachers have found the program to be useful in engaging our students in literacy activities at their respective levels of reading. Most students readily engaged with the program including texts and follow-up activities.

Michelle, Nambour Special School, QLD